• Washing  machine cleaner, dishwasher cleaner, organic and odorless,  these award-winning organic cleaners easily remove odor from any HE or regular clothes washer, dishwasher or laundry at the source.  Tub clean cycles were created to sell strong, chemical cleaners and negate the very reason high-efficiency (HE) appliance requirements were mandated by the EPA  in order to conserve Earth's resources
  • Your washer is one of your most used appliances and is the perfect environment for pathogens to grow.  This makes preventive maintenance important to prevent mold and bacteria that cause odor and spread to laundry.  For those of us who are more sensitive this can be a health issue.
  • Compared to other cleaners Smelly Washer products work best to clean the entire tub.  Use it with laundry and the added bulk of clothing will raise the water level to include the splash area just above the normal waterline to remove residue from the splash area and the entire tub where cleaning cycles can't
  • Smelly Washer Cleaner works in any dishwasher too!  Just split a capful between both dispensers and the floor of the dishwasher and prepare to be amazed!
  • Save your towels with Smelly Towel Cleaner.  This eco-excellence winning laundry cleaner has a light garden scent and customers love it!
  • Both products are organic and provide 24 Treatments per bottle.  That's enough for up to 1 YEAR of fresh and clean appliances and laundry!
  • Safely and easily maintain freshness by adding a tsp with your detergent monthly or when odor is noticed

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