News story comparison of leading washing machine cleaner.

Affresh washer cleaner has been sold at many retailers since 2009. Created and sold by Whirlpool in their effort to contend with alleged design flaws(UPDATE) Affresh is sold in foil pouches consisting of 3 or more tablets to clean your washing machine.

To use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner:

*Directions from Affresh website:

1. Empty your washer.

2. Place one tablet of affresh washer cleaner directly in the washer tub – not in the dispenser.

3. Run the washer on a clean washer cycle or a normal cycle with a hot water setting.

4. Simply wipe away any residue that may be left behind after the cycle ends.

5. Throw away whatever cleaners you were using before.

6. And, always be sure to follow your washer’s Use & Care Guide for instructions on proper maintenance.

*Do Not Use With Clothing.

*For washers with a “Clean Washer” cycle, add one tablet to the washer and run the cycle.

*For machines where odor is present, run 3 wash cycles consecutively using 1 tablet in each cycle.

Our advantages over Affresh:

1. Smelly Washer is completely organic and odor free.

2. One bottle of Smelly Washer has 24 treatments compared to 3 for Affresh.

3. Smelly Washer can safely and easily be used with or without clothing in your washer. This is important because suds and soiled water build up in the splash area just 3 to 5 inches just above the normal waterline and cause odor. To remove residue from the splash area the added bulk of laundry raises the water level to include the splash area for much better cleaning. This makes all the difference in cleaning a front loading or top load washing machine.

4. Smelly Washer also works great to clean your dishwasher! Simply split a cap of Smelly Washer between the dispensers and the floor of the unit then run the dishwasher in a hot setting. Smelly Washer gets rid of the bacteria and the bad odor it causes to leave your unit smelling brand new! What better to use than an all natural cleaner for dishwasher cleaning? You’ll be amazed by how much cleaner your stainless or plastic tub will be!