Tips for Extending the Life of a Washer and Dryer

When purchasing a washer and dryer, you are hoping that you are investing in appliances that will last a long time. However, this is not a guarantee and there are proactive steps you need to take in order to maintain your machines. Below are some simple things that you can do to help ensure that […]

Clothing Stench Control

Yoga, hockey, football, basketball and other sport clothing often retain odor from workouts and this stale sweat odor can easily be noticed by others.  Save yourself the embarrassment of sweaty body odor and other bad smells. Smelly Towel Cleaner was created as a solution for this problem and works so well it was voted the best […]

How to Use Smelly Washer Cleaner

Almost all users are able to easily remove odor by adding 1 level cap (1 tbsp) to a hot setting and completing the cycle.  Add through any detergent dispenser or directly into the tub.  Pause to soak for more extreme cases.  Use with or without detergent.  Use with or without laundry.  Just a monthly teaspoon […]

Washing Machine Odor Solution

The Problem: 2000:  The rise in popularity of the HE washing machine at the turn of this century combined with the removal of phosphates from laundry and dishwasher detergents creates  the “perfect storm” for mold and bacteria to thrive in washers. Bleach had been the most commonly used laundry cleaner since the early 1900’s but was no longer sufficient to […]

Fix a leaking dishwasher

Dishwasher leaks  can cause major damage to floors.  If your unit leaks sometimes you are able to fix it yourself.  Unplug the unit before doing any repairs. Main causes for dishwasher leaks: 1.  Dishwasher door gaskets surround the top and the sides of the unit but not the bottom.  Too much detergent, especially liquid detergents, […]

Odor Removal Tips

Tips to Get Rid of Laundry Odor Odor in your washing machine or laundry can sometimes be difficult to get rid of.  Rather than mask the odor with fragrance, this article will give tips on how to get rid of the source of that mildew odor and keep it away! Note:  Many users like to leave […]

Stinky Washing Machine

How To Clean a Washing Machine That Stinks If your washing machine stinks, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Washer mildew and odors are one of the most common complaints among homeowners. However, it is possible to get rid of smell through a few simple steps.  Changing your washing habits and/or detergent used may be necessary […]


If you’re trying to clean a stinking washing machine or just want to avoid odor here are a few simple tips to ensure you always have a fresh washer. NOTE: washing machine manufacturers and cleaning experts advise to leave the door open to remove odor. It does lessen odor by drying out the odor-causing residue […]


Note: Many users like to leave the washer door open to get rid of mildew odor. It does lessen odor by drying out the odor-causing residue but makes it more difficult to remove. Also, the residue is still present upon the next wash. If your washer smells with the door open or closed – it’s […]