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Judy shipped Smelly Washer to Israel

Dear Mary,I want to share a tip about the mold in front-loading washers.

I found http://www.smellywasher.com/ mentioned on a blog site on the subject. I took a chance and ordered their product - Smellywasher - and it worked miracles. Now, about 3 months after using one capful one time, the mold smell has not returned. I used an even smaller amount to get the smell out of clean towels.

They charge $16 for "a year's supply" (plus $12 to ship it to Israel), but I feel that it was worth every penny (and every shekel). It seems to me that the amount I received will last much more than a year.

Other methods are talked about on various blogs, but nothing I tried - vinegar, baking soda, etc. - worked. Borax is not available in Israel, so I couldn't try that.
From the blogs I have read, not one method works for everyone, but I'm very happy with Smellywasher.

All the best." Judy F. Israel