Smelly Washer Cleaner, 24 Treatments, All Natural, Odorless

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Safely and easily remove odor from any clothes washer or dishwasher.  Just add a level cap (1 tbsp.) of Smelly Washer Cleaner  through the detergent dispenser (even liquid dispensers) or directly into the tub.  Use with or without laundry.  Use with or without detergent.  Keep your washer and laundry fresh with an occasional teaspoon as preventive maintenance.  1 bottle should be enough to keep your appliances and laundry clean for up to a full year.  If odor persists or returns go to our blog page for information on keeping it away.

To clean your washer:  Add a level cap to a full load of laundry.  Pause for more extreme cases in order to give the cleaner time to dissolve the odor-causing residue.  Do not soak new clothing as colors may fade.

To clean your dishwasher:  Split a level cap between both dispensers and the floor of the unit.  Complete a hot cycle.  Pause to soak for more extreme cases.

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