Judy shipped Smelly Washer to Israel

Dear Mary,I want to share a tip about the mold in front-loading washers.

I found http://www.smellywasher.com/ mentioned on a blog site on the subject. I took a chance and ordered their product - Smellywasher - and it worked miracles. Now, about 3 months after using one capful one time, the mold smell has not returned. I used an even smaller amount to get the smell out of clean towels.

They charge $16 for "a year's supply" (plus $12 to ship it to Israel), but I feel that it was worth every penny (and every shekel). It seems to me that the amount I received will last much more than a year.

Other methods are talked about on various blogs, but nothing I tried - vinegar, baking soda, etc. - worked. Borax is not available in Israel, so I couldn't try that.
From the blogs I have read, not one method works for everyone, but I'm very happy with Smellywasher.

All the best." Judy F. Israel


Testimonial from Debbie in Canada:

For months I have had a foul smelling odour coming from my fresh clean towels once they become wet. It reminded me of a dirty mop smell. I was at my wits end with the smell. I thought I was going to have to purchase a new washing machine. I finally went on the computer and goggled smelly washer. I was directed to smellywasher.com. I was so desperate, I ordered the product right away.

I was amazed at how good this product worked!!! No more mildew smelling towels. All I do is put a small capful in once every couple of months and I have no more smell I have told all my friends and family about smelly washer. Try it yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed."

"Thank you smellywasher!"


Lori’s washer had one of the worst buildups we’ve seen so we asked her to send us a testimonial:

Over a 3 month period of time, I started to notice that my towels and gym clothing were starting to smell like mildew. They smelled fresh when they came out of the dryer, but the minute they got damp, I immediately could smell mildew. I also noticed a strong mildew odor coming from my washing machine. I Googled "smelly washing machine" and came across the website for the SmellyWasher product.

I immediately purchased the product (and at a reasonable price, I might add!). Before using the product I had the Sears Repair Man come to my house to do a thorough cleaning of the outside of the drum on my machine. He himself HIGHLY recommended the SmellyWasher and encouraged me to run a cycle after his visit as well as maintenance cycles. I received the product in the mail and followed the instructions. I could not believe the amount of fungus that rose to the top of the water even after having it scraped off by hand. But it still stank! At this point, I was ready to "throw in the towel" and purchase a new washing machine.

The people at Smellywasher.com encouraged me to continue to run the SmellyWasher some more, and sure enough there was less and less fungus rising to the top of the water. The SmellyWasher really ate away at the mildew sitting on the outside of the drum and got rid of it for good. Prior to using the SmellyWasher I had tried bleach, baking soda and other washing machine cleaners but nothing worked. I continue to run maintenance cycles every few months and am happy to report that I have NO fungus in my washing machine.

The SmellyWasher proves itself!! Thank you Smellywasher and Smellywasher.com."

Ellicot City, MD

Carol pushes Smelly Washer at her business:

"I have an embroidery business. In speaking with my customers the subject of laundering often comes up. Many of my customers complain of the problem they have with the smell of mildew and "old popcorn" smell of their laundry, especially towels. I tell them about Smelly Washer Cleaner. They buy it and are amazed at how wonderfully it works. Many say they have tried everything out on the market and Smelly Washer is the only product that has worked!
One of my customers just ordered 4 bottles. I think she is using them as stocking stuffers for christmas. As for myself, before I used Smelly Washer I was throwing away towels and wash cloths because of the odor. Smelly Washer has saved me money on replacement, and it leaves all the wash and the machine smelling fresh!"

Homer City PA

“We just can’t say enough good about your product…”

Oh my goodness!! My sister and I purchased some of your Smelly Washer and just tried it out a couple of days ago. We are both truly amazed at what that did for our washing machines, towels and clothes!! We were equally amazed at what was floating on top of the water when we let it sit overnight in the Smelly Washer solution!"

"We would have never dreamed that stuff was in our machines!!  We just can't say enough good about your product. Both our washers look brand new and are so clean!!  We have already recommended this product to friends and family members.  Thank you so very much for your product and also the tips on detergent.  We just couldn't be any happier or more satisfied with your product.  Our machines and towels don't have that sour smell anymore.  It's just wonderful!"

my husband was amazed

I have to tell you I am very pleased. Having an acute sense of smell, I always get teased for smelling odors that others don't. For about 6 months we've had a mold/mildew odor in our 1 1/2 year old washer. I found your site on the internet and ordered SmellyWasher.

I can tell you my husband was amazed at all the mold coming up and I felt "vindicated"! Here is the other interesting side of things. Coinciding with the smell of the constant mold/mildew for the last 6 months has been the fact that I have been constantly sick. I came down with cold after cold after respiratory sickness along with the rest of the family since Thanksgiving. I was literally getting sick of being sick. The last bout was bronchitis with whooping cough.

After I did the cleaning out of the washer with your product and removed all the mold/mildew, I have NOT gotten sick since and have had 2-3 weeks without any respiratory problems. I have come to believe that it has something to do with me cleaning out the mold, and no mold residue on towels or clothing. My husband is coming to believe this also. It's so nice to breathe in and NOT smell the mold...!  I love your product and have told several people about it.

La Puente, CA

Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog…”

"It worked, hooray!  My top-loading Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog for almost a year. Fortunately, it wasn't affecting my laundry, but the smell coming from the machine was awful. I had an extreme case and had tried everything. Three cleanings started to loosen the gunk (I could see it in the water, and the water had a green tint), and I could then clean the loose stuff from around the inside of the rim with a small brush and rag. I think this originated from when an old roommate washed her rugs in the machine, and she had a dog. Anyway, thank you!  I'll keep using SW each month for maintenance.  By the way, I wonder if Kenmore machines tend to have more problems than others?  I see a lot of complaints about odors for Kenmore".  Thank you, Mary

Hi Mary,  Thank you for your post.   Mold odor and bacteria in washers is not brand specific and, to a certain degree, all washers have a buildup of residue.  The odor problem is more noticeable in front-loading washers and may be first noticed from towels because they are plush and used close to the face when wet. While ex-roommates (and their dogs:) are handy to blame things on...it's normally overuse of detergents, using fabric softener, using mainly cold water for washing or even a problem with draining that causes odor.  The green tint and gunk floating in the water was the residue being loosened from inside the plastic tub.

Paul Flynn at Smelly Washer, Inc.


rash on my legs…bacteria filled towels.”

I would appreciate if my name could be kept confidential however I wanted to give you this testimonial.

I found Smelly Washer and Smelly Towel online.   I had started researching products when we began having problems with our towels; as soon as we dried off in the shower the towel STANK! I do laundry every week, however we have a high-efficiency washing machine and I do most loads (but not sheets and towels) in cold water. My washing machine NEVER had an odour and its only a year and a half old. We figured we weren't drying our towels properly.

Long story short, I received your product and used it. I had read all the reviews online and was cautiously optimistic. I ran my first load of smelly washer and my machine stank! My husband figured your product made it smell, lol, however I had done the research and figured I had unearthed a new layer of bacteria. I proceeded to run three more loads on "sanitary" setting and we both agreed the washing machine smelled brand new.

I soaked all of our smelly towels and dish cloths/ rags  from the bins of water) and then washed all of our clothes and towels with a cap full of Smelly Towel.  It took at least 18 hours for the awful smell to stop emanating from the bins.

The reason I am writing you this testimonial is because of a doctors visit I had today. I have had a rash on my legs since about mid-October when I quickly shaved one day. After discussing it with my doctor, it turns out it's not a rash but a staff infection on my skin. She originally suggested it was my razor however when I mentioned I had just cleaned my washer, she was convinced the rash was from bacteria filled towels.

Your product is amazing and I am very glad I bought it. As I write this testimonial, I am running a few loads through just in case. I have also recommended your product to my friends, and would recommend it to anyone who wasn't sure; It really does work. I wanted to share my experience as until today I didn't really think stinky towels were a big deal. When it starts affecting health though, it's a totally different issue.

Thanks so much. And if distribution rights in Canada (I see you have a contact in Quebec) are available, I am a sales professional and would wholeheartedly represent your brand here.

Yours truly, Kari