Washer Magic by Summit Brands, originally touted as a “mineral scale and rust remover”, changed their label to “washer cleaner and deodorizer” in 2010. It is not known by this author if the ingredients were changed.

Label changes non-withstanding, we contend Smelly Washer Cleaners are your best decision because:

Smelly Washer can be used with laundry. This is important because the added bulk of the laundry will raise the water level to fully clean the tub and the “splash area” where suds and soiled water splash up and don’t get rinsed out. Their FAQ page doesn’t advise on use with clothing, but does state to use only on washing machines.

Smelly Washer is also an amazing dishwasher cleaner! What better to use than a completely natural cleaner like Smelly Washer to clean your appliances!

Smelly Washer has 24 treatments compared to Washer Magic’s 6!. That’s up to a year of an odor-free washing machine, dishwasher and laundry!

It’s the best thing since sliced bread! We guarantee it!