Nothing’s worse than a lingering mildew odor in your linen closet when your towels are supposed to be spring fresh. But don’t despair. If your towels are smelly, here are a few simple secrets that will help break the mildew cycle and prevent it from returning. If nothing else works we’ve created all natural Smelly Cleaners to remove odor from your clothes washer, dishwasher and laundry forever!

The Baking Soda Trick

OK, what doesn’t baking soda do It’s in our toothpaste, it’s in our cat litter, it’s in our laundry detergent, and there’s probably even a box in your fridge to help neutralize odors. Notice a trend?

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a chemical compound with alkaline properties which make it a great neutralizer and proven odor remover. Baking soda is used in cooking, cleaning, and even is the main ingredient in many antacids. Because of these properties and its gentle nature, it can be safely used in every load of laundry you do.

If your towels are smelly, try using cup of baking soda in your next load. This amount can safely be used in every load of towels and even regular clothing. For a more powerful odor-fighting combination, use baking soda and very hot water.

High Heat

We know that heat kills bacteria. That’s why we cook meat and pasteurize milk. So it makes sense that high temperatures would also be effective at eliminating and preventing mildew in your washing machine.

Most washing machines come with specific cycles that use hot water such as sanitary or whitest whites. Unfortunately, it’s simply not realistic to wash all of your clothing in hot water because it can cause damage and shrinkage. Fortunately, most towels are made of 100% cotton which allows them to be washed in hot water, for the specific reason of sanitizing them.

To use these hot cycles effectively, take the extra time and do the extra load; wash your towels separate from the rest of your clothes. These high heat cycles can also be used in between load of towels to simply clean your washing machine. For an extra boost, use a washer cleaner.

A Clean Washer = Clean Clothes

Clean, fresh, towels start with a clean washing machine. Lingering mildew in the washer can work its way into clothes during a wash to make it smell.

Smelly Washer comes with natural ingredients that safely and effectively eliminate odor, fungus and mildew from your washing machine. A washer cleaner can be used whenever odor is noticed. Use Smelly Washer with no clothes or towels in the load, and use the highest temperature or cleaning cycle on your washing machine. If odor persists, add a cap to a full load of laundry and wash in order clean the splash area above the normal washing waterline and the entire inside of the outer, plastic tub.

Washer cleaners are powerful tools against the war on smelly towels. Use a washer cleaner, such as Smelly Washer, regularly to help prevent mildew from growing in the first place. In between cleanings, keep your towels fresh with baking soda and hot water.

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