Carol pushes Smelly Washer at her business

“I have an embroidery business. In speaking with my customers the subject of laundering often comes up. Many of my customers complain of the problem they have with the smell of mildew and “old popcorn” smell of their laundry, especially towels. I tell them about Smelly Washer Cleaner. They buy it and are amazed at how wonderfully it works. Many say they have tried everything out on the market and Smelly Washer is the only product that has worked!
One of my customers just ordered 4 bottles. I think she is using them as stocking stuffers for christmas. As for myself, before I used Smelly Washer I was throwing away towels and wash cloths because of the odor. Smelly Washer has saved me money on replacement, and it leaves all the wash and the machine smelling fresh!”

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