Tub Clean cycles are to laundry what bullfighting is to agriculture

 EPA’s appliance energystar program requirements passed in 1992 gave the washing machine industry 10 years to make changes to conserve water and electricity.  The new HE machines they created use 1/4 of the water and a faction of the electricity Starting in 2010 Class-action lawsuits were filed for disatisfied custumers so a cleaning “affresh” cycle was added.  […]

How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell

If you want to know how to get rid of mildew smell in your washing machine, look no further than Smelly Washer Cleaner. Mold, mildew and fungus thrive in wet, warm environments. But what they really need to survive is a food source. When not maintained properly, your washing machine can offer both these necessities. […]

Tips for Extending the Life of a Washer and Dryer

When purchasing a washer and dryer, you are hoping that you are investing in appliances that will last a long time. However, this is not a guarantee and there are proactive steps you need to take in order to maintain your machines. Below are some simple things that you can do to help ensure that […]

Clothing Stench Control

Yoga, hockey, football, basketball and other sport clothing often retain odor from workouts and this stale sweat odor can easily be noticed by others.  Save yourself the embarrassment of sweaty body odor and other bad smells. Smelly Towel Cleaner was created as a solution for this problem and works so well it was voted the best […]

How to Use Smelly Washer Cleaner

Almost all users are able to easily remove odor by adding 1 level cap (1 tbsp) to a hot setting and completing the cycle.  Add through any detergent dispenser or directly into the tub.  Pause to soak for more extreme cases.  Use with or without detergent.  Use with or without laundry.  Just a monthly teaspoon […]

rash on my legs…bacteria filled towels

I would appreciate if my name could be kept confidential however I wanted to give you this testimonial. I found Smelly Washer and Smelly Towel online.   I had started researching products when we began having problems with our towels; as soon as we dried off in the shower the towel STANK! I do laundry […]

Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog…

“It worked, hooray!  My top-loading Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog for almost a year. Fortunately, it wasn’t affecting my laundry, but the smell coming from the machine was awful. I had an extreme case and had tried everything. Three cleanings started to loosen the gunk (I could see it in the water, and […]

My Husband Was Amazed

I have to tell you I am very pleased. Having an acute sense of smell, I always get teased for smelling odors that others don’t. For about 6 months we’ve had a mold/mildew odor in our 1 1/2 year old washer. I found your site on the internet and ordered SmellyWasher. I can tell you […]