Washing Machine Odor Solution

The Problem: 2000:  The rise in popularity of the HE washing machine at the turn of this century combined with the removal of phosphates from laundry and dishwasher detergents creates  the “perfect storm” for mold and bacteria to thrive in washers. Bleach had been the most commonly used laundry cleaner since the early 1900’s but was no longer sufficient to […]


This article will address common customer questions on what the best washer is to avoid mold odor. Mold odor in washing machines isn’t specific to 1 brand or even top loading versus front loader. Whirlpool Corporation (Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Kenmore, Maytag, Roper, Estate) simply by virtue of being the biggest is unfairly singled out, in […]


A washing machine is an everyday household essential. Foods, clothes, and shelter are a human’s necessities. Clean clothes even better. But as you may have already learned through experience or read about through others woes, washing machines can be a finicky lot. So here are a few tips to help you extend the life of […]


Everyone knows lint collects in a clothes dryer, but few realize that it also collects in washing machines. Dirt and moisture accumulate along with lint, causing washing machine mold and mildew that results in a stinky washer. You can avoid this problem by cleaning the lint traps of your washing machine regularly, which will keep mold and mildew from […]

rash on my legs…bacteria filled towels

I would appreciate if my name could be kept confidential however I wanted to give you this testimonial. I found Smelly Washer and Smelly Towel online.   I had started researching products when we began having problems with our towels; as soon as we dried off in the shower the towel STANK! I do laundry […]

Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog…

“It worked, hooray!  My top-loading Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog for almost a year. Fortunately, it wasn’t affecting my laundry, but the smell coming from the machine was awful. I had an extreme case and had tried everything. Three cleanings started to loosen the gunk (I could see it in the water, and […]

My Husband Was Amazed

I have to tell you I am very pleased. Having an acute sense of smell, I always get teased for smelling odors that others don’t. For about 6 months we’ve had a mold/mildew odor in our 1 1/2 year old washer. I found your site on the internet and ordered SmellyWasher. I can tell you […]

“We just can’t say enough good about your product…”

Oh my goodness!! My sister and I purchased some of your Smelly Washer and just tried it out a couple of days ago. We are both truly amazed at what that did for our washing machines, towels and clothes!! We were equally amazed at what was floating on top of the water when we let […]

Carol pushes Smelly Washer at her business

“I have an embroidery business. In speaking with my customers the subject of laundering often comes up. Many of my customers complain of the problem they have with the smell of mildew and “old popcorn” smell of their laundry, especially towels. I tell them about Smelly Washer Cleaner. They buy it and are amazed at […]