When buying a clothes dryer for your home cost, efficiency and reliability are important issues to consider. The initial cost can be offset by efficiency and reliability.

Location in the home is also important in order to keep a shorter vent run. It is advised that the vent run is no more than 25 feet. However, each 90 degree bend subtracts 7 feet from that allowed run. If a long run is necessary blowers can be installed to increase air flow.

Long dry times can be a symptom of a clogged lint screen. Keeping the lint screen clean from lint and residue can nearly double the life of a dryer by increasing efficiency. Soap, softener and dryer sheet residue can clog the screen to lessen air flow and efficiency. A good test for your lint screen is to pour a little water on it to check if it flows through. If soap does not work to remove heavy buildup a good way to a clean lint screen is to add a cap of Smelly Washer Cleaner to a little hot water and spray or dip the screen to clean.

Dryer drums can rust. Stainless steel drums in higher end dryers can dramatically lengthen the life of a washer. The high efficiency Bosch clothes dryer is one with a stainless drum and anti wrinkle technology.

Another common cause of long dry times (and multiple repair attempts) is a sensor for automatic drying cycles becoming coated with residue from softener or dryer sheets. This moisture sensor present on nearly all dryers on the inside front can be cleaned with vinegar or denatured alcohol. Do not use harsh chemicals because the coating is important to detect moisture in clothing for proper drying.

Proper maintenance of your dryer can provide years of trouble-free efficient operation.

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