How to Clean Your Washing Machine

You know how to clean your dishes, windows and car, but do you know how to clean your washing machine?

Throughout the life of a washing machine, thousands of loads of dirty laundry will tumble around its basin. And often times, a full load of laundry can splash suds and soiled water above the waterline. There, fungus and mildew spores feast on the residue left behind, causing an unpleasant odor.

Leaving the door open may dry out this residue, but the next load of laundry will hydrate it back again. Bleach and vinegar can kill these spores. But on an empty cycle, they’ll never reach where the funky fungus is doing its dirty work. So how do you expel the smell?

Fight the Fungus with Smelly Washer Cleaner

The best way we know how to clean your washing machine is by using Smelly Washer Cleaner. These all natural tablets work to eliminate mildew, mold and fungus that cause odor. Simply add a tablet of cleaner to the hottest spin cycle on your machine. Once the cycle concludes, add a half teaspoon with your detergent to a full load of clothes and wash as normal. The added clothing will bump up the water level and splash the solution into the crevices that are harboring the smelly culprits.

If you’re suffering from stubborn odors, you can soak the solution in the washing machine overnight. Or you can mix the cleaner with warm water and spritz it into any hard-to-reach areas, allowing it to soak before scrubbing it away.

To keep odors at bay, you can also consider using less detergent. Suds that get pushed above the waterline are fair game for feasting mildew and fungus spores. Stop using fabric softener as well, as it also contributes to residue buildup. Clean water can cut down on odors, especially if you get into the habit of running a hot wash during the last cycle of the day. Using a washer cleaner monthly will also held keep smells at bay.

Check out our FAQ page for more tips and tricks on how to clean your washing machine and keep it smelling fresh!

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