Why Do My Clothes Smell After Washing?

Why do my clothes smell after washing? What is causing this odor? How do I get rid of it?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then we’ve got a question for you – Why haven’t you tried Smelly Washer Cleaner?

Each bottle of the all-natural cleaner contains 24 odor-eliminating tablets that fight the fungus and mildew in your washer.

When you wash an extra-large load of laundry, the added volume of clothing can increase the waterline in the washer. Suds and soiled water are then able to splash outside of the tub and underneath the lid. As it dries, it leaves behind residue that mildew and fungus feast upon, causing an unpleasant odor.

Stop the Cycle

Kill the smell at the source by adding a tablet of Smelly Washer Cleaner during your washer’s cleaning cycle. The hot water will also help eliminate any lingering mold or mildew spores. If odor persists, try adding a half teaspoon of the washing machine cleaner to a full load of laundry. The added bulk of laundry will splash the solution up and onto the safe spaces occupied by mildew spores.

And because Smelly Washer Cleaner is gentle on clothes, you can use the solution with regular loads of laundry as a preventive attack on stinky intruders. Smelly Washer has even created a tablet just for towels that will leave them smelling garden fresh!

As an extra measure of precaution, make sure you use recommended amounts of detergent. Too much soap creates a sudsy tub and a higher risk for residue. And consider tossing your fabric softener altogether. Softener has a tendency to leave behind its own residue, adding to the mildew’s meal supply.

What are you waiting for? Order a bottle of Smelly Washer Cleaner today and never again have to ask yourself, Why do my clothes smell after washing?


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