Fix a leaking dishwasher

Dishwasher leaks  can cause major damage to floors.  If your unit leaks sometimes you are able to fix it yourself.  Unplug the unit before doing any repairs.

Main causes for dishwasher leaks:

1.  Dishwasher door gaskets surround the top and the sides of the unit but not the bottom.  Too much detergent, especially liquid detergents, results in excessive suds and the suds are knocked over the front of the unit by the wave action of the spraying water.  The suds then break down to look like water leaking resulting in leaking from the corners of the door.

a. Use no more than a tablespoon of detergent split between both dispensers and the floor of the unit.  All wash cycles will then get a dose of soap for better results.

b.  Powder detergents are less prone to cause excessive suds.

2.  Dishwasher gaskets can cause leaks also.  A cut or tear in the gasket can result in water dripping down.

a.  To track down a leak dry the area on both sides of the door then run the unit to see if you can find water tracks.

b.  If the fill valve is leaking at the connection connections can be tightened.  Do not overtighten!  You do not  need to remove the dishwasher from under the counter to change the fill valve. can give part numbers and help with appliance repair with videos.  Youtube is another valuable source.

3.  Door latches can sometimes become loose.  Angles can be stretched out.  The cabinet mounting screws will have to be removed to slide the unit out just a couple of inches to remove the door latch from the top of the unit.  Many times a pair of needle-nosed pliers is all that’s needed to change the angle of the spring steel latch.

4.  Gaskets on the pump, water inlets and dispensers can sometimes leak.  Mechanical aptitude is necessary to fix something that extensive so a call for service may be advised.  If attempting appliance repair USE EXTREME CAUTION.  It’s easy to cut yourself on edges of stainless steel tubs!

5.  On some models the water supply tube to the top basket can become loose to spray water toward the door.

6.  Check your owners manual for guarantees.  Some parts, such as the tub, may have a limited lifetime guarantee covering the cost of the part.

Other dishwasher tips:

1.  Do not wash food containers like jars and cans to recycle even after removing the label.  Glue from the label will be dissolved by hot water but hardens on tub and door panels and is often mistaken for rust spots.  It will also shorten the life of the pump and motor assembly due to glue between the impeller and housing.

2.  Think twice before using rinse aid.  It changes the surface tension of water to make it flow easier.  Those bubbles when you fill a glass washed in a dishwasher are not from detergent but from rinse aid.  There are other options.

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