How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

If you’re wondering how to get mildew smell out of clothes, you’re already harboring a proverbial petri dish of mildew in your washing machine. These odor-causing culprits feed on the soiled water that splashes up above the normal waterline. Their precarious position also saves them from being washed away by the rinse cycle. In order to snuff out the smell, you’ve got to take the fight straight to the fungus. But how?

Some people swear that leaving the washing machine door open will cure your odor issues. And while it does dry out residue temporarily, it’s still present during your next wash.

Remove the Residue with Smelly Washer

The surefire way we know how to get mildew smell out of clothes is to use Smelly Washer Cleaner. The natural, odorless cleaner is the solution to your smelly situation! Each bottle comes with 24 tablets that you add with detergent to a full load of laundry. The added bulk of clothing will splash the solution above the natural waterline, allowing it to reach the area where the mildew and fungus spores have been safely snacking away on suds and soiled water.

Use just a half teaspoon of Smelly Washer with detergent and wash clothing as normal. You’ll have brighter, fluffier and fresher-smelling laundry every time. You can even dilute the cleaner with some warm water and use it to clean the rubber door gasket, detergent drawer and under the lid to ensure a sparkling clean washing machine.

In addition to the original cleaner, Smelly Washer also makes a Smelly Towel Cleaner. It’s also made with natural ingredients, but features a light garden scent. Use it without fabric softener to keep towels fluffy and more absorbent. Check out our products page for more information on our cleaners and how they can help you make odor obsolete!

Now that you have the know how to get mildew smell out of clothes, order your bottle of Smelly Washer Cleaner and never deal with lingering laundry odors again!

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