How to clean your washing machine

Almost all users are able to easily remove odor by adding 1 level cap (1 tbsp) to a hot setting and completing the cycle.  Add through any detergent dispenser or directly into the tub.  Pause to soak for more extreme cases.  Use with or without detergent.  Use with or without laundry.  Just a monthly teaspoon will keep your appliances and laundry clean.  1 bottle is will last up to a full year and makes a great gift

  • For persistent or returning odor add a level cap (1 tbsp) of Smelly Washer to a full load of laundry with or without detergent.  The added bulk of the laundry will raise the water level to include the splash area just above the normal waterline where suds and soiled water build up and don’t get rinsed out.
  •  If there is still an odor repeat the procedure. Keep in mind, depending on the age of the unit and past washing habits, the buildup of odor-causing residue can get quite thick.  Prolonged soaking (even overnight) makes a world of difference in giving any cleaner time to dissolve the mess deep inside the washing machine and will cure an especially severe case.  If no soak cycle is available push “pause” once to allow a soak.
  • To clean your dishwasher:  Split a level cap full of Smelly Washer Cleaner between the two soap dispensers and the floor of the unit.  Compete a hot cycle.  Stop mid-cycle for prolonged soaking of extreme odor.
  • To clean a door gasket on a front load washer: Mix just a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Smelly Washer Cleaner in a spray bottle with hot water and spray the affected areas liberally with the solution. Allow it to soak and clean.   Mold stains impregnated into the rubber or plastic may take repeated applications and/or vigorous scrubbing to remove.