re residue collects are breeding grounds for mildew and bacteria, which can cause a smelly washing machine. Mildew thrives in dark, damp places where there is a food source (such as lint, hair and detergent suds).

One of the most common places in a washing machine for mildew growth is under the agitator. This is an out-of-sight and out-of-reach area that has a tendency to trap larger particles and any residual water that doesnt drain. So its important to clean under your agitator regularly to remove any build-up before it begins to mildew.

Remove And Clean Under The Agitator

Removing an agitator isnt as scary as it sounds. In only a few simple steps, you can eliminate the source of your stinky washing machine.

The first step is to remove the cap on the top by either lifting or twisting it off. Beneath this cap should be a bolt. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the bolt, and then lift the agitator up out of the washing machine.

If youve never cleaned under the agitator, it may be glued down by all the gunk and mildew. It may be necessary to use rubber gloves to get a good grip, or even slip a small rope under the agitator for leverage to help pull it up out of the machine.

Warning: It’s easy to get smacked in the face by the agitator suddenly popping loose so be careful. As always, safety should be your number one concern!

Once you have removed the agitator, thoroughly clean the washing machine tub and the agitator with a cleaning solution. You may need to scrub the thicker areas and allow drying before replacing the agitator.

Clean the filter

It’s surprising what can make its way to the filter trap and it’s possible for the filter to become plugged with lint, toys, coins, screws, bra wires, etc. A good maintenance plan includes cleaning your filter if your washer has it. Consult your owners manual or do a search using yourmodel number

Use A Washer Cleaner

Now that you have a clean washer, its important to maintain it. Not only should you clean under the agitator regularly, you should also consider using a washer cleaner such as Smelly Cleaner.

Washer cleaners are used in the hottest or clean cycle of the washing machine. Smelly Washer uses all natural ingredients to safely and effectively remove odor, fungus and mildew from your washing machine.

When combined with routine maintenance and cleaning of your washing machine, a washer cleaner can help eliminate and prevent the embarrassing odors caused by a stinky washing machine.

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