Before calling for repair consult your owners manual to check for warranty. If the manual is unavailable there may be information online. Make sure to check for limited warranties on parts. Limited warranty covers the part but not installation costs. To receive any warranty factory authorized service will need to be used. Call your local repair shop to ask if they are factory authorized or a nationwide authorized service is A&E Factory Service (800) 905 9505.

Manuals Online (Free User Manuals and Owner Manuals)

Even if your appliance is not covered by a warranty call the manufacturer’s customer service line. Depending on the age of the appliances, you may be able to find a sympathetic ear. Remember “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and don’t be afraid to ask to talk to managers. If authorization for either labor or parts is given it will save much work for the tech if you write down the authorization number for warranty coverage.

The repair technician is the liaison between the manufacturer and the customer. Before the technician arrives at your home have the area to be worked on cleared of any type of clutter. A friendly smile and offer of refreshment can go a long way. Have children supervised and pets in a separate area to lessen distractions. If the appliance is under warranty have any purchase agreements or service authorization numbers readily available. The technician can also call their rep line to ask for coverage if it’s reasonable.

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