Using Smelly Washer the first time:

  • Add a cap through the detergent dispenser (even liquid dispensers) or directly into the tub of an empty washer in the hottest setting. Use a cleaning or a soak cycle for worse cases.
  • If odor persists or even smells worse repeat using a full load of laundry, preferably white towels. The added bulk of the laundry will raise the water level to reach the splash area just above the normal waterline where suds and soiled water splash up and don’t get rinsed out. Invariably, this is the area of worst buildup.

Use monthly to keep odor away. Add just a half cap to your detergent is great preventive maintenance!

To clean your dishwasher:

  • Split a cap between the two dispensers and the floor of the unit to effectively clean any stainless or plastic tub dishwasher. Works amazingly well!

To use Smelly Towel Cleaner:

Add a cap to a full load of laundry with or without detergent. Works in all HE or regular washers. Light garden scent, Softens and enhances colors!

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