Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog…

It worked, hooray!  My top-loading Kenmore has smelled like a wet dog for almost a year. Fortunately, it wasn’t affecting my laundry, but the smell coming from the machine was awful. I had an extreme case and had tried everything. Three cleanings started to loosen the gunk (I could see it in the water, and the water had a green tint), and I could then clean the loose stuff from around the inside of the rim with a small brush and rag. I think this originated from when an old roommate washed her rugs in the machine, and she had a dog. Anyway, thank you!  I’ll keep using SW each month for maintenance.  By the way, I wonder if Kenmore machines tend to have more problems than others?  I see a lot of complaints about odors for Kenmore”.  Thank you, Mary

Hi Mary,  Thank you for your post.   Mold odor and bacteria in washers is not brand specific and, to a certain degree, all washers have a buildup of residue.  The odor problem is more noticeable in front-loading washers and may be first noticed from towels because they are plush and used close to the face when wet. While ex-roommates (and their dogs:) are handy to blame things on…it’s normally overuse of detergents, using fabric softener, using mainly cold water for washing or even a problem with draining that causes odor.  The green tint and gunk floating in the water was the residue being loosened from inside the plastic tub.

Paul Flynn at Smelly Washer, Inc.

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