A properly stocked laundry room can make a huge difference in how clean and fresh your clothing is. It’s also good to know there are options besides using harsh chemicals

Natural Essentials

A lot of people are of the belief that it’s necessary to use harsh chemicals, such as bleach, to eliminate mildew and odors from their clothes and washing machine. Not so. While bleach is certainly a good sanitizing option for some things (killing germs and viruses when someone in the house is sick), it’s not a good option for everyday use. Bleach emits noxious fumes that can be harmful to the respiratory system especially for people with breathing problems such as asthma. It can also ruin fabrics if spilled. And it is poisonous if ingested so it’s use around children is not recommended.

A safer, and just as effective, alternative when it comes to your laundry room is all natural essentials such as vinegar and baking soda. Both are very effective at eliminating mildew and odors. It’s safe to use baking soda in every load of laundry to eliminate odors caused by mildew, body odor, or smoke. Vinegar can also be used in your laundry to neutralize odors, but it does have an astringent smell that may linger on your clothes. A better use for vinegar in the laundry room is mixing it with water in a spray bottle and using it to clean hard surfaces such as the utility tub, outside, lid, and under the rim of your washing machine.

Detergent makes the biggest difference in the effectiveness of our laundry practices. The type used can make the difference in how clean our clothing is, can make your washer smell and can even make the difference in how long your washer lasts. If you’re not happy with your detergent there are options to choose from. Powder detergents are less prone to cause odor because of ingredients used but sometimes doesn’t fully dissolve. There are all natural detergents that work great to remove stains and keep your laundry fresh.

Smelly Washer

A clean washing machine equals clean clothes. If your machine has washer mildew, chances are your clothes are also mildewed and everything stinks. To get clean clothes, you need the proper tools which includes a clean machine. A washing machine cleaner, such as Smelly Washer, uses all natural ingredients to safely and effectively remove the mildew, odor, and fungus that cause washer mildew.

To use Smelly Washer, add 1 capful to your washer on the  clean or hottest setting with no clothes. For more stubborn washer mildew, let the?washing machine cleaner soak before proceeding with the cycle.

A washing machine cleaner, like Smelly Washer, can also be mixed with a spray bottle of hot water and used to clean the rubber door gasket, under the rim, and in the detergent/softener basket of your machine.

Dryer Balls

Gone are the days of liquid fabric softener. If you haven’t heard by now, liquid fabric softener can wreak havoc on your washing machine by leaving behind a residue that can lead to washer mildew. A better alternative is skipping the softener in the washer and using dryer balls instead.

Dryer balls work by separating your clothes in the dryer which allows the warm air to circulate more evenly around the clothes. This helps reduce dry time, wrinkles, and static electricity. So long, fabric softener!

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