Lori’s washer had one of the worst buildups we’ve seen so we asked her to send us a testimonial

Over a 3 month period of time, I started to notice that my towels and gym clothing were starting to smell like mildew. They smelled fresh when they came out of the dryer, but the minute they got damp, I immediately could smell mildew. I also noticed a strong mildew odor coming from my washing machine. I Googled “smelly washing machine” and came across the website for the SmellyWasher product.

I immediately purchased the product (and at a reasonable price, I might add!). Before using the product I had the Sears Repair Man come to my house to do a thorough cleaning of the outside of the drum on my machine. He himself HIGHLY recommended the SmellyWasher and encouraged me to run a cycle after his visit as well as maintenance cycles. I received the product in the mail and followed the instructions. I could not believe the amount of fungus that rose to the top of the water even after having it scraped off by hand. But it still stank! At this point, I was ready to “throw in the towel” and purchase a new washing machine.

The people at Smellywasher.com encouraged me to continue to run the SmellyWasher some more, and sure enough there was less and less fungus rising to the top of the water. The SmellyWasher really ate away at the mildew sitting on the outside of the drum and got rid of it for good. Prior to using the SmellyWasher I had tried bleach, baking soda and other washing machine cleaners but nothing worked. I continue to run maintenance cycles every few months and am happy to report that I have NO fungus in my washing machine.

The SmellyWasher proves itself!! Thank you Smellywasher and Smellywasher.com.”

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