Our History


From Submarines to Washing Machines

We created the first washing machine deodorizer, Smelly Washer Cleaner (formerly Purewasher), in 2005 after our founder, Paul Flynn, noticed a need for something customers could use regularly to remove the stinky residue left behind when washing laundry in both regular and high-efficiency washing machines.  This residue often led to a mildew or mold odor in the machines themselves as well as on towels and other laundry and sometimes even throughout the entire home.  Regular washing machine maintenance helped the problem but it was not enough to completely get rid of the odor and to keep it away.

As an appliance repair technician, Paul was familiar with the buildup that caused odor and often provided customers with tips and advice on keeping odor away after cleaning their washers.  However, bleach and other commonly used cleaners were ineffective.  The washing machines sometimes needed to be taken apart in order to eliminate the smell at the source.  Customers needed something they could use themselves to clean their clothes washers.

The Washing Machine Odor Problem

Recalling his time as a machinist on a submarine repair ship in the US Navy, Paul decided to try a citrus-based cleaner that he had often used to clean the metal lathes on the ship.  To his surprise and delight it worked better than anything previously tried on the washers.  It removed the odor from both the machines and the laundry items!

After adjusting the recipe to work better for laundry, Paul began selling the all-natural cleanser online, and Smelly Washer Cleaner sales grew into a viable business.  Paul quit his job as an appliance repair technician to devote himself to selling the cleaner full-time.

Smelly Washer is Consistently Rated #1

In 2009 Ace Hardware Corporation invited Smelly Washer into their warehouse. It was the best profit-making product in Ace laundry division for the next 2 years. Soon after, other hardware stores, Amazon.com and Bed Bath and Beyond contacted Paul to start selling Smelly Washer in their stores.

That same year, Tide and Whirlpool jumped on Paul’s soapbox (get it? soapbox) and came out with their own version of a washing machine cleaner. Yet, despite their corporate review campaigns, Smelly Washer Cleaner consistently remains the #1 recommended brand according to Amazon reviews, internet consumer reviews, and cleaning expert opinions.

In 2010, Paul improved his formula by adding a garden fragrance and detergent boosters to create Smelly Towel Cleaner.  Customers love how it enhances and brightens colors in the laundry while removing mildew odors to make towels and other laundry smell brand new!  UPDATE:  Smelly Washer has been improved to clean your dishwasher also!  It works amazingly well to get rid of the smell from any plastic or stainless tub dishwasher.  This new “dynamic duo” will give you over a whole year of fresh and clean washing machine, dishwasher and laundry for the fraction of the cost of competing products.