Towels Smell Bad

Do your towels smell bad? Are your clothes sporting a musty mildew perfume? Stop the unpleasant odor at its source – your smelly washing machine.

Stop the Smell; Clean your Machine

If your towels smell bad, that can be an early sign of mold and mildew taking residence under your washer lid. Towels often alert us to this problem first because they’re thick, absorbent, and pressed into our faces when damp.

To neutralize odors, try adding a cup of baking soda to your next load. Its gentle properties make it safe to use with every load of clothes. To add to its smell-removing power, try washing towels in very hot water.

High heat kills odor-causing bacteria, and can be beneficial in the fight to freshen your washer. Most clothing can’t handle high temperatures, but most towels are 100% cotton and can take the heat.

But if baking soda and hot water aren’t doing the trick, then all-natural Smelly Washer Cleaner is your best bet. Made specifically for towels, each tablet fights fungus and mildew that reside above the washer’s waterline. These smelly stowaways feast on soiled water and sudsy residue, and may be the main reason that your towels smell bad.

Add a tablet of Smelly Towel Cleaner to your washer’s cleaning cycle. If you still notice a stench, add a cap to a full load of clothing. The added bulk of the laundry will cause the water to rise. This will allow the solution to splash above the waterline and outside of the plastic tub.

If your towels smell bad, it’s time to try Smelly Towel Cleaner from Smelly Washer. Each bottle comes with 24 treatments that will leave your laundry with a light garden scent. It will also keep your towels fluffy and more absorbent, without the use of fabric softener.

Purchase your bottle of Smelly Towel Cleaner today and get your machine clean again!

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