Washing Machine Cleaner

We purchase a variety of soaps, detergents and pods every day to clean our clothes and freshen our towels. How many people even think to buy a washing machine cleaner? Nothing can put a damper on your hamper of clean clothes like a lingering, unpleasant smell. This odor is picked up in the one place meant to expel it away in the first place – the washing machine!

Full loads of soiled clothes often cause contaminated water to splash above the normal water line, where it can’t properly be rinsed away at the end of a cycle. This splash area acts as a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. A great way to rid your washer of its putrid perfume is by using a designated washing machine cleaner, like the one made by Smelly Washer.

Smelly Washer Cleaner

Smelly Washer uses natural ingredients in its washing machine cleaner to eliminate the mildew and fungus that causes odor. Start by adding a tablet of cleaner to your machine and running a cycle in the hottest setting. After the rinse cycle is complete, add a half teaspoon of the washing machine cleaner with your regular detergent and wash clothing as normal. The result is brighter, fluffier and fresher-smelling laundry, guaranteed!

If you are suffering from stubborn odors, soak the cleaner for a few hours or overnight. For persistent smells, add a cap of the washing machine cleaner to a full load of whites. The added bulk of clothing will push the water up and above the normal waterline. This allows the solution to reach the splash area and wash away buildup.

Dilute the solution in a spray bottle with warm water and use it to clean  hard-to-reach places! Be sure to spray liberally, allow to soak, and rinse grime away.

Check out our natural, odorless washing machine cleaner today and get your laundry smelling fresh again!

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