Why does my washer stink?

Washing machines aren’t supposed to stink! If you have a stinky washer at home, your laundry habits may be the cause. Some simple changes to your routine can help eliminate and prevent the washer mildew that’s making things stink.

Don’t Ignore the Cleaning Cycle!

If you already have a stinky washer, it’s important to first take the necessary steps to remove the offending washer mildew. Most washing machines, especially newer models, have a cleaning cycle built in. The cycle runs without any clothes and uses high water temperatures to kill any mildew and flush out the system.

You can boost the cleaning cycle by adding a washing machine cleaner, such as Smelly Washer. The natural ingredients in Smelly Washer effectively remove odor, fungus and mildew that can cause a stinky washer.

For best results, follow your washing machine manufacturer’s guidelines for running the cleaning cycle. Washing machine cleaners like Smelly Washer should be used about twice a month.

Don’t Let The Clothes Linger!

It happens to the best laundry-doer from time to time. You get busy and forget you had a load of laundry in the washing machine. You come back a few hours later and throw it into the dryer, or you come back the next day and rewash the laundry. But in that little window of time, washer mildew has already started to grow and multiply.

Mildew is a living organism that needs food and a warm, damp environment to grow. The inside of your washing machine when wet clothes are left to linger is the ideal breeding ground for mildew, which makes for a stinky washer.

The best way to combat forgetfulness is to set a reminder. Turning on the end of cycle signal on your washer will do the trick if you’re within the vicinity of the laundry room. When you hear it, go put the clothes in the dryer! If you’re going to be moving throughout the house or doing yard work, get a clip on timer.

Don’t Close the Lid or Door!

The same idea of leaving wet clothes in the washer applies here as well. Even after a cycle is complete, there is still some residual water left in your washer. It can hide under the rim of a top loader and in the rubber door gasket and detergent drawer of a front loader. This remaining water combined with leftover detergent suds or lint can cause washer mildew.

After you’re done doing laundry, don’t be so quick to slam the door or lid. Leave them ajar for a few hours to allow any excess water to evaporate. On a front loader, also pull the detergent drawer out a bit to allow it to dry.

With just a few simple modifications to your laundry habits, you can effectively eliminate and prevent washer mildew, putting an end to your stinky washer problems.

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