No More Wasteful Cleaning Cycles!

  • Save time, energy, water and money by cleaning your washer while using it.  Remove and prevent the cause of odor from the entire tub where cleaning cycles can't reach.
  • Your clothes washer can be one of your most used appliances.  The dark, wet interior is the perfect environment for pathogens that feed on residue and healthy washing habits and preventive maintenance are important to keep spores from growing to cause odor and transferring to laundry.  For those of us who are more sensitive this can be a health issue.
  • The best washing machine cleaners can be used with laundry to clean the entire tub.  Tub Clean cycles The added bulk of clothing will raise the water level to include the splash area just above the normal waterline where suds and soiled water collect to become a food source.
  • Smelly Washer Cleaner will also clean any dishwasher.  Split a cap between both dispensers and the floor of the unit.  Run a hot cycle and prepare to be amazed by how clean your tub is!
  • Get soft towels again and prevent odor from returning with Smelly Towel Cleaner.  Our customers love it!
  • Both products are all natural and provide 24 Treatments.  That's enough for up to 1 YEAR of fresh and clean appliances and laundry!  This new Dynamic Duo will safely and easily maintain freshness by adding a tsp with your detergent monthly or when odor is noticed.

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